Licensed Fool Experience

Workshops and conversations on how to be you


Do you feel there is something missing, that we are living inside a theme park where everything is designed to entertain us? If yes then this might be the experience you have been looking for, because it is created to enable you to explore, play and fail without judgment.

The Licensed Fool

Is a person who has the ability to exist within the moment without fear. It is achieved by removing value from the quantifiable, there is no best or worst there is only the action of doing.

Your Host

Bjørn Venø is an artist whose life mission is to encourage exploration and the understanding that all you need to enable exploration is to see what you did not see. Venø has an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London, and has exhibited and performed internationally since 2006.

Sign up for:

Five one hour workshops in Atlanta Georgia USA. Time and place to be confirmed. We will share the cost of the space between 5-8 attendees.

A free one on one conversation in Atlanta Georgia USA.